Saturday, March 19, 2011

the maxx and radiationitis

     Well, I'm thinkin' I better get my art on before the radiation spreads and kills us all so here's some past pencil pushin' for all ya'lls.  This is some pre-Sharpie craze stuff from almost 10 years ago.  I'm thinkin' there's some influences from when the MTV showed the animated cartoon version of The Maxx all those many years ago.  I'm guessin' the teethy little Isz had something to do with what you see above.

     Seriously though, folks.  If any of you start to come down with the radiationitis let me know and I'll start my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza early.  Likewise, if I'm the first to come down with it, I'll do my best to launch the event myself and crank out as much art as I can before my arms fall off.


  1. Maybe you'll mutate a third arm and be able to produce even more before you succomb to supercancer.

  2. Hey, that's a good point! A second head would be handy too. I'd be a one man art machine AND I could do a self-portrait and it wouldn't look much different from the art I normally create!

  3. I seriously like the mini cone atop his head.

  4. I agree w/CC - I was also drawn to the "cone". Which sorta makes it look like a lemon. One very mischievious lemon that is up to no good, but always gets away with it.

  5. You two are right, that cone really does focus your attention, now that I look closer. It's been a while since I've taken a good look at this one.

    One very mischievious lemon that is up to no good, but always gets away with it.

    That's a very apt way of describing him. I think it's the mask and the evil eyes. He's done this before and he'll do it again!