If you're a fan of my work and would like to show your support in cash form please donate any amount and for your hard-earned money you'll receive a print of Nose Bleed #1:

     If you end up liking what you receive and want more of my art-stuffs there's good news!  For a minimum donation of $10.00 (USD) you'll receive a signed print of your choice of any artwork displayed on my Gallery page (excludes animated .gifs and videos).  Prints will be made from the original, full color, hi-res digital copy of the artwork (not the reduced quality Gallery version) and will be printed on 8.5" x 11", 51lb. photo paper using an EPSON Artisan 50 printer.


     If you're interested in receiving multiple prints with one donation each additional $5.00 (USD) over the initial $10.00 will make you eligible for another signed print of your choosing (i.e. $10 = 1 print, $15 = 2 prints, $20 = 3 prints and so on).  Just be sure to tell me exactly what you want via email.  Thank you.