Subject Tags

     The following explanations of my subject tags serve to keep them straight in my mind as much as they are for your benefit.  Not all of my tags will be listed here, as some are quite self-explanatory:

10's, 20's, 30's, 40's:  Refers to what decade of my life (my age, not the calendar year) the artwork was either originally created or later modified.  Some works will have more than one of these tags, indicating an artwork that was originally created when I was younger and then modified or finished at a later time.

adult themes:  I usually reserve this tag for any adult images I post which include genitalia, strong sexual content or graphic violence.

ambition:  Used when my posting has references to my artistic ambitions.  Generally, I don't usually have much in the way of ambition in my life so when it surfaces I find it significant and noteworthy.

CDP:  Stands for "crazed death porno" and is the most adult of all the adult content I post here.

dad:  Posts containing references to or memories of my one-eyed, alcoholic, carpenter of a father.  Intelligent, cruel, inspiring, abusive, fun-loving, perceptive and many other things.  He's a big part of everything I am and everything I rail against.

digital:  Indicates the image you see was digitally futzed with prior to completion.

dry erase:  The work in question was drawn on a dry erase board with dry erase markers, photographed and finally erased.

FSR:  Stands for my "fuzzy skeletonians redux" series.  This is a revisiting of the fuzzy skellies I first created during the Sharpie craze.

negative:  This image was digitally given a negative tweak prior to completion (will always be accompanied by the digital tag).

nose bleed:  This refers to the style developed in my 40's that involves nose bleeds, blood and gore in general and exposed brains.  More than that, it often seems to depict the current emotional state of my fragile, inner-self as though it were completely devoid of any natural defense mechanisms.  This tag is often paired with self-portrait.

OPG:  Refers to information and updates regarding my "Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza!"  An annual event held during the entire month of October which encourages creativity, generosity and the spirit of Halloween and horror in general.

red eye:  Developed during October of 2011, this painting style is characterized by red eyes and simple, mostly unconnected brush strokes.

Scanner Collages:  Much like it sounds, I threw some shit on my scanner and scanned them bitches as the basis for the creation of this piece.

self-portrait:  The work in question is an actual, visually accurate self-portrait OR a more symbolic, emotional representation or metaphor of myself.

Sharpie craze:  This refers to the creative burst in my 30's when I went nuts with some brand new Sharpie markers and some brand new sketchbooks.  Strictly speaking, I define Sharpie craze works as a drawing done with only black Sharpie markers on white paper and nothing else.  While this style was started in my 30's I still create the occasional new artwork that falls into this category.