Sunday, June 26, 2011

fuzzy skeletonians and the greater whole

     Just wanted to share what I've been doing lately with my fuzzy skellies.  Here's a quick work in progress .gif I threw together of the fuzzy fella I completed last night.  One of the many I plan to have ready for my OPG in the fall.

     This whole idea was born out of a combination of seeing what ROUBLE RUST often does on her art blog and the desire to share with you what I see when I'm creating these guys (or any of my creations for that matter).  It's just lines on paper and some watercolor paint, of course.  All these steps are what I see when I look at the finished product.  When my works are freshly completed what you're seeing above is what often keeps me from seeing the greater whole.  I get the individual parts stuck in my head and it takes time for them to finally combine in my mind, allowing me to finally see what I've ultimately created.

     Anyway, just thought this little glimpse into my process and methodology might be interesting.


  1. That is really cool. I knew the fuzzies were really involved but I never realized the steps involved. That's nuts. Congrats!

    I LOVE this one. Hunchbacks rule. And this hunchback and bend over and stab you in the face at the same time :D

  2. Yeah, I guess he does have sort of a scorpion-like attack.

  3. ooo cool beans. love seeing how it all comes to "life". starts out just little lines but then becomes this great finished product with both fuzzies and blood. :D

  4. Amazing stuff, I just saw your post! I love that guy, he looks seriously creepy!
    I also love what you did with the gif file. It wows me all together but still I can see a whole new creature from each image of the gif, just like that. A ghostly one (first frame), a zombiefied one (second frame), an arachind mutation maybe ..? and for sure, a bloody black dark xmas skeleton! I especially love the last one even if it's July (yep, I just can't stop thinking of Christmas) :D

    1. Thank you for the frame by frame compliments : ) I definitely understand about Christmas in July. It doesn't happen to me as often as when I was younger but it's not unusual for me to get Christmas songs stuck in my head in the middle of summer!