Monday, August 8, 2011

defending angel

     Here's some pre-Sharpie craze pencil.  I've always liked this one.  It's sorta like a delicate, abstract angel-type being, using its powers to defend against the Evil Scribble Bats of Mordor!


  1. So is this from the 80's? It seems any pencil work you post tends to be pretty old. The angel's wings sort of look like a giant moustache that came to life!

  2. Actually, this drawing is from the last few pages of a sketchbook with an end date of 8/5/2002. The very next day I started on a larger sketchbook which would end up spawning the start of the Sharpie craze. So this is true pre-Sharpie craze pencil, similar to this or this.

  3. Scribble Bats of Mordor - You spray and you spray!