Wednesday, November 30, 2011

robust face

     Here's some pencil from my 30's.  This is from the same sketchbook as tribal mask and defending angel.  As you may recall, tribal mask marked an artistic rebirth for me of sorts and I think that momentum continued to grow with what you see above.  The thick neck, robust features and fierce eyes I think shows my confidence increasing as I worked my way back from complete artistic inactivity.


  1. 'Robust Face' is the perfect title for this. It reminds me of a muppet. Granted, I have Muppet mania right now (again), but those big (robust) features are very Muppet-like. What a sinister, yet inviting look on his face.

  2. Sinister, yet inviting is a good way of putting it. I think that's what made me stop when I was leafing through my sketchbook.