Thursday, May 24, 2012

A new home

      It's official!  I've found a new home for my art-stuffs and a permanent residence for my Fuzzy Skeletonians.  In short, I've got my own ding-dang domain, bitches!  I have paid for and registered and it feels good : D  All I've done so far is set up a blog so I can get back to bidness with my arts.  That's what's most important to me right now but, hey, it's a whole freakin' website so who knows what the future holds!

     As for this blog, I plan to leave it up as a static archive for as long as Blogger will have me.  Anyway, head on over to the new site and leave me a house-warming comment or two!


  1. Hey Yeah! Looks great! I hope to upgrade to a website someday. Probably when I decide to get more serious and stop ripping off pictures and plagerizing the hell out of everyone. hahahaha