Tuesday, May 8, 2012


     Well, since the fine, open-minded people at Picasa Web Albums no longer allow pornography or obscenity (you know, the basic CORE of my fucking fucking artwork!?!) AND since Google owns both Blogger and Picasa I"m just going to assume this here blog's days are numbered.

     I'm not going to voluntarily shut my blog down (I'll leave that to the jerks at Google & Friends) but I am going to start looking for another place to display my artwork.  SO... if I'm not posting here anymore, I hope you'll understand.  If you want to get a hold of me I still check the email address in my profile.

     I knew this whole free blogging thing was too good to be true.  I'll post here when I find a new home for my art stuffs.  If deletion of this blog happens swiftly, my non-Google email is: edco [at] xmission [dot] com if you want to be kept abreast of updates.


  1. I suggest backing up all your Google/Picasa pictures. It looks easy enough. Then start using one of those other photo hosters we found tonight. As for the blog, you can always get your own domain and plonk a Wordpress template on there, so you won't be under the thumb of any rules. It'll work out, promise.

  2. hmmm...we'll see how long my blog lasts I guess. Sheesh.

    I hope you figure out another way to display your work, it's truly awesome. Stacia pretty much said what I was going to say. I don't know of any other photo hosting sites other than photobucket.

    I suggest hopping on Twitter and asking around, there's usually SOMEONE that knows something.

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  4. LiveJournal has a thing called Scrapbook without any censorship restrictions, as far as I can tell. There is also imgsrc.ru which I have used and like well enough. Both places are owned by Russian companies, and Russia is pretty much where it's at as far as allowing "naughty" pictures to be hosted on their sites.

    (Reposting to correct.)

  5. well damn, that sucks. but i'll tell ya deviantart.com is pretty good about letting you post whatever art you have without getting super anal retentive. as long as it's not straight up photographic detail porn. i have this one guy on my watch list that makes the most obscene pictures and they haven't removed his stuff. so maybe you'll have some luck there. i hope you can find a good place to host your pictures. i'll being keeping watch if you post about moving to a new site :)

    1. Hey, that sounds interesting. Mind giving me the name of the guy on your watch list so I can get a feel for what deviantart.com allows?

  6. Well this sucks ass. I have no advice on the technical stuff, but I certainly support you in going elsewhere if staying means art censorship. Fuck 'em.