Saturday, September 11, 2010

bamboo engineers have a tough job

     Another assignment from early college.  This was when I was still living with my mom and she was renting this awesome studio-type apartment above a drugstore.  The subject matter here was one of those cheaply made, bamboo-wicker-type chairs that were all the rage in the late 80's, early 90's.  These chairs were designed to hold the weight of a normal adult or two calmly relaxing young adults (for example, me and my future wife).  Of course, the two young adults in question can remain calm and relaxed in a chair this size for only so long before they become active, horny young adults.  The physical stresses that two people in such a state produce are far greater than the maximum rated capacity for a chair of this type.  This was the first of at least two chairs my mother had to purchase when I explained to her they accidentally broke when I happened to sit down in them too hard, clumsy me.


  1. I've always liked this sketch. I also remember you sketching a rough draft of the papasan chair on the headboard of your bed. Even that looked really good.

  2. Wow, your right! I think. I've killed too many brain cells since then to have a complete memory of that. I do remember scratching some sort of image into my headboard though. That must've been it.

  3. haha, great many pieces of funiture fall victim to the young and horny, lets have a moment of silence for the furniture that served us well...