Sunday, November 21, 2010

chalkboard nude


     When I first completed this drawing I recall it making me pretty uncomfortable at the time.  I think it was because it was a little too honest of a self-portrait in some ways.  Obviously, I'm much more comfortable with it now, although I'm still not sure what the whole tornado-like thing is supposed to be.

     As far as the digital effects go, this was another one of my happy accidents.  After a quick auto-adjust of the colors I flipped the negative tweak and, whamo, chalkboard!  Who knew?


  1. I'll tell you what this is, this is Adam prancing around the garden of eden and that tornado is Eve. lol

  2. lol. Those damned womens and their tornadoes of temptation!

  3. I swear I commented on this yesterday. Not sure where it went. Goddamn technology gets me one way or another.

    Anyhoo, me likey very much this chalkboard effect.

    And, you look like Fabio.