Saturday, November 6, 2010

fuzzy skeletonians redux #5

     Here's my latest.  Still getting Halloween out of my system...  or maybe I'm just missing it.  Yeah, I'm missing it (sigh).  Sheesh, I'm pathetic.

     Anyway, this skellie seems to be dancing.  And smiling.  And having a good time.  What the hell, man!?  I seem to be losing my morbidity or some shit.  I must be fluxing.  Meh.


  1. I'd say that since the skellie is smiling and dancing that maybe it just escaped from a Grateful Dead show. Or t-shirt. Except it's too good looking for that.

    I like the color you added to this one.

  2. Thanks. Also thanks for taking the time to peruse my past works! I appreciate the interest and your perspectives.

  3. This guy needs a top hat and a cane. Love it.

  4. Right you are, my man. Right you are.