Friday, April 1, 2011


     This is all I could manage before I panicked and dragged the body into the basement and buried it.  I know I missed out on a great opportunity this time...  it's just that this was my first...  maybe next time... next time I'll be able to stomach it better...


  1. HAHAHAHAHA THAT IS AWESOME! And that picture totally looks like you beat the piss out of him for directions to Taco Bell. Poor bastard.

  2. That's insane. I actually had Taco Bell last night before I posted this! I guess what I'm trying to say is that the beating worked.

  3. Katn: I know what you mean. This was one of several I did in the same session about a week or so ago. When I glanced through them again a couple of days ago this one in particular caught my eye and I thought, "Dang, this looks like the work of someone who has bodies buried in the basement!" That's when I decided to run with it and use it for April Fools : )