Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sexual insecurities and llamas


     I've been putting this one off for a while now mainly because it still makes me a tad uncomfortable.  Drawn immediately after lust mouth, I feel like this in a lot of ways represents my more immature attitudes and insecure feelings regarding sex (not that lust mouth doesn't).  I can't really get more specific than that, other than it kind of seems like this drawing is saying, "Oh, it's a scary vagina!  I'm afraid!"


  1. Kinda looks like something got shoved up his ass unexpectedly too. lol.

    Then I see the sun-gina back there and realize that your right. He wants it. But he's looking to us for validation first.

    Go for it man. DO IT!

  2. Heh. Yeah, it DOES seem like he's asking for permission. THAT'S what the look on his face is. Thanks for the perspective.

  3. I think the vagina is equally fearful due to that crazed, overly-excited look in his eye. That vagina is not sure what to expect.