Friday, October 29, 2010

sorority death party

     Loosely inspired by Zombie Rust's Uncle Satan, I just finished this minutes ago because I am awesome (and humble).  I can still smell the marker fumes...  and cantaloupes are walking on my eyes!

     This kinda looks like a scene from a cheesy horror movie with a floating, hairy skull demon terrorizing a sorority pool party, bake sale, wet t-shirt contest.  Written, directed and produced by Charles Band, of course.

     Holy bejeezus crap!  There's only two more days left in October.  I am both relieved and saddened by this fact.


  1. This reminds me of that single-horned thing you sketched about a bajillion years ago. Larger, of course...

  2. most wicked, it's got kind of a flying out at ya 3D look about it and the horns are great

  3. Thanks. Nice to see you stopping by again :)

  4. Cool looking monster! You've done great on this one!