Friday, December 3, 2010

obstructed view

     Here's my latest nose bleed stuff.  This is too fresh for me to say anything insightful about but I'm guessing the obstructed view of the eyeball might have something to do with the floater I've had in my left eye for about a year now.  It's like having a permanent piece of lint floating around inside your eyeball.  The eye doctor said it was a pretty common occurrence for near-sighted eyes.  I can at least take comfort that it won't happen in my far-sighted right eye (not kidding).  When getting my prescription filled I was once told by the office tech who was copying down my prescription onto the form for the glasses that it reminded them of a test question they once had in school.  I believe them too.  My left lens is concave and the right convex, making one eye look smaller than the other.  Sheesh, I'm surprised they're both the same color!

     And I've just rambled on for a whole fucking paragraph.  I'll shut the hell up now.  Thanks for stopping by Vincent's Handmade Eyeballs.


  1. I just think you're in the Christmas Spirit! I think this is how christmas trees are made...look! Branches are coming out of his head!

  2. I'm going to love this whole series, I can tell already.

  3. Gable: Heh! Yeah, maybe this IS some sort of weird reindeer, evergreen sprouting skull creature of yule tide cheer! Who knew?